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Bridget’s career has included positions as a graphic designer, art teacher, department chair and genealogist. Her multi-faceted background affords her the ability to meet the varied needs of her clients. She has offered Irish-themed Genealogy Pop Ups at local breweries to teach Irish genealogy. She loves to share her own ancestral roots and looks forward to teaching a Scottish Pop Up next.

Her creative muscles get toned when she creates woven and watercolor family trees for friends and family. One of her most popular are pencil portraits of loved ones, past and present.

genealogy pop ups

  • St. Paddy’s Day Weekend 2019
    at Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House

genealogy works of art

  • Woven Family Tree Wedding Gift

  • Watercolor Leaves Family Tree Holiday Gift

  • Pencil Portrait Family Tree Birthday Gift

  • Colored Pencil Home & Family Tree Wedding Anniversary Gift