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If you start with one question first, you will meet with the greatest success. A small sampling of great questions can be found below. Of course, these are simply ideas. Feel free to write your own. Just remember to keep your question specific and solvable. If your question is too broad, it may need to become several questions. If you start too many generations back, you may meet with walls that require you to start closer to the present. This is especially true if you lack evidence to prove relationships.

Either way, we will get there, together.

sample genealogy questions

  • Who were the parents of Francis Brown, born in England in 1883, husband of Rachel (Wooden)?

  • When and where did Francis Brown (b. 1883 England), husband of Rachel (Wooden) of Baltimore, Maryland, immigrate to the United States?

  • Which Francis Brown of Baltimore, Maryland married Rachel Wooden (b. 1884 York, PA) in 1902?


ask away!

I look forward to helping you solve your family history mystery. No challenge is too big or too small. Great questions to ask can be found to the left. Please fill out the form below and I’ll call or email you right away!

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